What to bring to Eleebana Children Centre

  • Bag or backpack that fits in your child's locker.
  • Lunch box containing Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and an Ice Brick to help keep items cool.
  • Hat (with an 8-10cm wide brim or Legionnaire’s flap all year round) Without strings where possible — winter we allow beanies;
  • Two spare changes of clothing to suit the weather
  • Nappies and wipes (if required)
  • Comforters—dummy, special toy (If required)
  • Babies Bottles / Water bottle
  • Cot sheets (If required)
  • Coat for cold days – coats without draw strings are safer than those with draw strings;
  • Sun protective clothing for warm days - shirts with collars, elbow length sleeves and longer styles of skirts or shorts; and as sun protection is an important health issue, children may not wear sleeveless clothing when playing outside

Please be aware of the climate and season and make clothing an important issue. Parents must provide suitable clothing for their child and carers are responsible to ensure that children wear it at the appropriate times.  Please label all child’s clothing. This is for your child’s self-help skills and to help return items to their correct owner

  • We encourage families to have a selection of old clothes just for school.
  • Babies who are learning to crawl should be dressed in pants, as dresses can limit movements.
  • Children who are learning to use the toilet should be dressed in clothes that they can manage quickly and easily.