Eleebana Children's Centre Information

  • Eleebana is a boutique child care centre
  • Merrin has been the sole owner of the centre and has been caring and educating children for over 25  years
  • Eleebana provides care and early education for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age
  • We are a small purpose built 38 place centre
  • Unlike many new centres that can feel clinical or like an institution, Eleebana offers a very warm, welcoming and homely environment. 
  • We have 2 specific indoor learning environments for age appropriate learning and experiences.
  • Our wonderful outdoor enviroment is inspiring and encourages social interaction, fun adventures and learning through play.
  • Our operating hours are from  8am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (Closed public holidays)


Why Choose Eleebana Children's Centre?

Selecting childcare is an extremely difficult time in any family’s life. All parents want to be confident that their child will be secure and loved. Parents also want to feel welcome and be able to participate as their child learns and grows. Eleebana Children’s Centre have a philosophy that children learn best when they are loved, supported and nurtured.

Our Educators

Eleebana Children’s Centre have a dedicated professional team that realise the importance of their role. Your child has only one childhood and we are committed to providing the best possible start.

Our Eleebana Children’s Centre Team takes great pride in the care we offer. We look forward to welcoming your family in the near future.

Eleebana Children’s Centre’s Aims & Goals

Eleebana Children’s Centre will promote the growth of wisdom and knowledge through our EYLF Lifeskills Curriculum that honours the essential qualities of empathy, respect, perseverance and resilience and a passion for learning. Eleebana Children's Centre EYLF Lifeskills Curriculum also promotes and reflects the major obligations defined in the set

Curriculum Framework Guidelines: This will be achieved by

  • promoting and supporting respectful and life-enhancing relationships.
  • practising in ways that acknowledge the child as capable and resourceful.
  • striving for meaning and connections.
  • honouring diversity.

Read more about Our Curriculum here >

Food & Nutrition

Eleebana Children’s Centre encourages and recommends a healthy and nutritious diet. In order to ensure that the children in our care maintain optimum health, staff communicate with families and model healthy eating for the children.

Families provide all meals that are served at the centre. This includes morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch. We follow the lunch box recommendations and nutritional guidelines as recommended by Nutrition Australia and the NSW Health Good For Kids Good for Life campaign. We encourage health eating and appropriate food choices

Parent Involvement

An open invitation exists for all parents, grandparents and guardians to visit us at Eleebana Children’s Centre any time. Please feel free to spend as much time with your child as you like. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and are happy to answer any questions that may arise. Staff believe our centre functions best when staff and parents work together complementing each other.

Parents are welcome to attend our information nights or come along to our theme / parent days. Families can pass on suggestions verbally or via our program located above the children’s lockers. Email is also always available if you would feel more comfortable writing down your ideas .