Teddy's Room 0 - 3's

During this exciting period from 6 weeks to three years the child’s outlook on life will develop exponentially as they gain a greater sense of independence and begin to explore the world they live in. Being such a small boutique service, our Teddies Room fosters children’s level of understanding and focuses on communication and relationships as a priority. The Teddies Room educators scaffold the children in a nurturing and understanding way.

Your child’s routine will be individually catered for. With you, the parents who know their child best, working together with the educators to decide what time your child receives their routine needs. We will document and provide all families with information on when and how these routines have worked throughout the day. We believe providing care for any child is a partnership between the child and their families. The service prides itself in being flexible and catering to your needs. Children under 2 years receive a full daily report on every aspect of their day. This is taken home by the families to review and provide feedback when needed.

In both our rooms, we program for each child individually. We do this by observing each child, noting their actions and abilities, their strengths, interests and what challenges they are ready for. The activities we plan are developmentally appropriate and goals are set for the child to achieve. We pride ourselves on documenting and presenting these experiences for families and rely heavily on parent feedback and involvement. All children no matter the age get to experience all activities on a developmentally appropriate level to educate and extend their development.

Each day we will communicate with parents about what has happened in our Teddies Room. We will share the highlights of each day and make notes on our curriculum plan for parents to review and provide their thoughts. We understand this age group demands strong bonds to nurture and allow children to form connections and grow in their world. Being a small service, we pride ourselves on doing this at an extremely high level.